Super Fish Oil

April 4, 2021

Looking to be weak, glib or trivial?
Focusing on how you look and the immaterial?
It may be a symptom of just being callow
When what is important is so very shallow
When you’re watching the sunrise its all about the cereal.

Looking to be mean, cruel and spoiled?
Striving to be the protagonist’s foil?
Then without further ado,
We have this something to sell you
We’re not being punny, drink Super Fish Oil.

Think of the name and try not to groan,
If you are clever you can figure it out on your own,
If you are focused on looks and not what’s within,
Thinking about who is with her or who is with him,
I am afraid you won’t get it and will have to be shown.

It won’t help your complexion or take care of your boil,
But you’ll probably just drink it, this Super Fish Oil