July 15, 2005 I have never been fond of the Hollywood ending. It is usually a little too pat and a little too trite, but just as bad is the traditional

June 22, 2004 No contact from friend. IM and text messages. Not sure if they are really there. Find out that they are not. Not an action thriller, rather a

I don’t know if you are still there or if someone is answering in your stead.

Random Acts of Kindness# 2000 Random acts of kindness and Mysterious donations

He’s just a boy sitting alone, in a park where lovers meet. 2002

Little sweet pop tart
cherry pop tart

start heart fart dart

Cant get out of this f*ckin place
space 1999

September 29, 2018 Another night awake in the inky darkness waiting for the morning light. Sleep eludes and the quiet rests on the rise and fall of the children’s breaths