February 2010, New York, NY – Food Crawl


The New York Food Crawl. Well, we did go in for one day and hit 9 of our favorite restaurants. This is a collage of the places we go, it does not include our Brooklyn restaurants (which is a whole different crawl) and neglects a few places. Next time we’ll take pictures of the food too. This is what I mean when I say we are not foodies it is eating on the cheap, not the restaurants most people think of.

Included restaurants: The dumpling place 5 dumplings for 1 dollar), Joe’s Ginger (decent Xiao Long Bao), Thai Son (best Vietnamese egg rolls), Jaya’s (great roti canai), Ten Ren (bubble tea), Virgil’s (hush puppies with maple butter), Sakura (ramen and katsudon), the market (bison soup), Beard Papa’s (no longer there, cream puffs), Grey’s Papaya (hot dogs), Pietra Santa (lamb angoletti), John’s Pizza (sausage rolls, and pizza), John’s Shanghai (best xiao long bao), Todai’s (all you can eat sushi, a chain, but a good one)

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