Over the Thin King

April 4, 2021

I am not trying to perpetuate a hoax throughout history,
I am simply writing bad dad jokes in my poetry,
I tried to have some fun,
Slipping in a pun,
And am not trying to create much mystery.

These puns are more than they seem,
Often oronyms and not mondegreens,
It is not open and shut,
(These are real, look them up)
The best example is: “I scream for ice cream”

“I ran, Iran, I wrecked, Iraq,”
“Can you, canoe?” How about that?
“They are “not yo’, nachos,” you “rushing Russian,”
Just go with the flow and and you won’t be blushing,
“The biggest hurdle might be the biggest turtle,”
“It’s snot! (its not)” the sound becomes non-verbal.

So “shepherd spy eats shepherd’s pie” is a bit of fun,
And “superficial super fish oil” is just a compound pun,
If everyone around you is winking,
You just might be over thinking,
But you may not be the only one.