Not in Control

April 6, 2021

I am having a really hard day
If you see me, I beg you to stay out of my way
The logical part of me
Sits and watches helplessly
As I am unable to keep my emotions at bay

Yes, I am in a mood
Yes, I need to calm down and take time to brood
I find I really do hate it
To be so irritated
And I can’t help feeling that this day is screwed.

Maybe I am tired and just need a drink
I feel a little wired, and just need time to think
Are you hydrated? Did you eat?
Last night did you sleep?
I need to do all three and bring back from the brink

I really want to do what is right
I don’t really want to pick a fight
In all open candor
I am having trouble with my anger
And wish I could sleep until tomorrow night

Now in this moment of calm
Feeling like a ticking time bomb
While I am able
While I am still stable
I pray that the anger will soon be gone.