A Little Contemplation

June 2, 2015

Over the years I have taken pictures when I was down to document the feeling at the time; “depression pictures” I used to call them, more like contemplative pictures now. While I tend to remember the moment and emotion like they were yesterday some part of me was not sure I would and I knew that I never wanted to let me forget as I grew older. Why? Either so that I could relate to my kids when they became teenagers, or simply because it is not good to forget what it means to be down. Each strip is fairly big, so if you want a closer look click on each picture to see.

This first set of four are the best of the bunch, the first one part of a photo project with Luiz and George looking sad in a phone booth, the second, a tripod selfie in San Diego with the black trench coat, the third a dresser selfie missing Erin on the way to Taiwan for my Grandmother’s service and the last during the time I was unemployed, yet enjoying time with my family (oh wait, that’s now 🙂 ).


This second group is a little rougher not in, waiting in Luiz’s house before going out, you can see a lack of self confidence in my shoulders, San Diego on the steps looking ominous, but blurry, last day in San Diego with Octavio with my bow slung over my shoulder, and Brooklyn as a workaholic after a particularly good hair cut.

2-Albert Contemplative-001

This set is mostly archery, the first my iconic archery selfie on a tripod I used for my teacher profile at Kaplan, the second two more from my last day in San Diego – that third picture the arrow is pointed right at Octavio, and the last sometime photographing things. Erin probably took it but it is contemplative.

4-Albert Contemplative-003

This final group is more miscellaneous, the first a crop from the “Fatal Four” poster Luiz, George, Yischon, and I took in ’87, the second waiting in George’s house when shooting the phone booth shot, the third is contemporary with the second shot at the top but walking around La Jolla also on a tripod, and the last is contemporary with the second group second shot at the top of the stairs.

3-Albert Contemplative-002

Luiz and I shot a photoshoot of flowers in a similar capturing angst vein that I will post later. For those who are interested, here are the pictures from this group in chronological order.

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