And Snow It Begins

January 31, 2021

And so I find myself awake in the morning
Listening to my family’s breath and snoring
And feeling the contrite regret of sharing too much
Outside I hear the first bird singing
And can almost hear the first snow falling
As a blanket of white is covering everything it touches

I think I have expressed some concern
About myself, but as far as I can discern
That this writing is about venting and not a symptom
I feel wound and stressed and frustrated each day
And I don’t have much outlet and so here I say
That poetry let’s me articulate it and try to find wisdom.

So I wait and relax, feed my soul, as I type,
There is nothing to worry at the moment, and so I write,
To each new challenge, I will fight the good fight.
So fear not, all of my closest friends,
For in the morning, the darkness ends,
And in the daybreak there is always new light.