September 18, 2020

When I’m sleep
I hope to dream of the time when we first met
When life was simpler
Before guilt and before regret
There’s a moment that is frozen in time
A memory so precious I can’t believe it’s mine
We had a glance, however fleeting
We were fated with a chance meeting

When I dream
We meet again in a crowded hall
When our eyes first met
And we began to fall
There was something I did to get your attention
A joke, a comment, a single mention
There was something you did to catch my eye
A word, phrase, and a shy reply

My heart is in my throat I can’t seem to breathe
I hold my breath and my heart skips a beat
Your smile, your laugh, and your heartfelt sigh
My bursting heart and the awkward good-bye
The brush of your hair and a tentative touch
We were lucky enough to be together,
Did we ask for too much?

When I can’t sleep
I lie awake and try to remember
How it felt to be young, so full of splendor
To give into love, and and not give up
To live and cherish life so tender…
And when it seems I will never sleep,
I give in, I give up, and I surrender

Unfinished, recorded October 11, 2020