Loneliness Is Not Just For the Alone

April 2, 2021

Without self-care and so constantly busy,
You can be lonely even with a happy family.
Without watering your garden of friendship,
You might find life increasingly senseless,
Settling into a quiet cycle of melancholy.

They say being alone can be toxic,
Too much isolation can make life caustic.
We waste away if we rely on only us,
Instead of solitude we find loneliness,
In a world that leaves us too easily exhausted.

It is not that being alone is thoughtless,
Feeding your soul can lead to great solace.
But if you keep leaving your needs upon the shelf,
And constantly forget to take care of yourself,
You let being rundown tempt despair to befall us.

So, in life you should never be on your own,
It is important to connect, even if by phone.
Maintain relationships to keep you renewed,
With inner peace you can find great solitude,
And remember that loneliness is not just for the alone.