Dream Log

January 18, 2008

Tells the story to his grandkids.

Pirate story of a man woman, angela is leaving for the wedding, they are talking about the nostalgic things they did.  It is heart wrenching and they share time together and joke about the things they did. He tells the maid of honor stories about the time… They help her up and they tell the story about the uneven crutches since the maid of honor is so much taller than he is.

Don’t you remember how we used to laugh about uneven crutches? How funny it would be if

We used to laugh at so an so’s uneven crutches. As kids

Remember how I used to give her charms, as she looks through her jewelry. He hopes she has something he once gave her

He is her dearest friend, and doesn’t tell him that she is going to be happy, he is happy she will be happy

Married to captain. At the end of the story, the mate who tells the story puts the picture away and you realize that the old mate is the guy who loved the girl.

He tells it as a romantic pirate story, and in the end she calls and uses his nickname from the story.

He knows he is not worthy

Giant toad to marry them it rises from the water when it is time and they take lead the taoad to the location but it is dangerous. Seding some evil to a it.She is fragile now and needs help. It is like she isdying and it is her lst chance at happiness

Why would she end up with someone else? He is unworthy or feels unworthy maybe he is a h

Or the captaian is dyuing and she is going to be with him. They were meant to be and she discovers how much she loves the guy along the way.

Make sure I get there on time. Don’;t worry, we/ll get you there.I cant believe how much I need to pack up

A lifetime in this room

I can only take a few things

I know,

There are memories here

There is a somber mood like she is going to die or marry death or something

Unfairness in life framed pictures of places they have been or gifts he has given her.

Maid ofhonor becomes nanny he becomes nany’s son