Contemplating the Navel (Orange)

April 5, 2021

Of all the different produce,
The creepiest of all the fruit,
Is the orange with a navel,
That we frequently find on our table,
And is so often used in our morning juice.

The fig and the wasp gets some votes,
And the durian does indeed cause revolt.
But if you are able,
Contemplate that navel,
And realize an unborn clone is pretty gross.

The secondary fruit is a stillborn fetus,
How it got there is a treatise.
It’s like a secondary brother,
Rudimentary and only uncovered,
When you cut one open and it comes out to greet us,

A navel orange is actually a mutant,
And a product of early orange improvement.
A navel orange has no seeds,
And can really only breed,
From cuttings and Brazil’s 1820’s fruit movement.

So one more argument about this citrus,
I hate it’s peel’s extra thickness.
This fruit is literally sterile,
And yet we eat them by the barrel,
Well, I think they are creepy and they scare me witless.