Embarrassing Pictures

If you came here it is because you want to see embarrassing pictures. We’ll post them regularly so that you have a reason to check us out.

Picture for 10/1 – Okay, this isn’t so much embarrassing as it is embarrassing that it is normal.


10/2 I am told the first one was not embarrassing enough. Stay tuned.

Erin’s Fishface.

10/3 Albertosaurus at the Museum of Natural History in New York (the sign actually says Albertosaurus libratus)

Raar!Which one is Erin?

10/4 Good Buddy.

Stoned or Bored

10/5 Smile

10/6 We like to eat.

10/7 I am abnormal

Who are you? I’m Batman. Or an opposum.

10/8 Erin had never had an ice cream cone before

10/9 Erin’s Dad just asked if I was going to marry Erin, in 2006!

10/9 Erin is 3 here, that would make me 15

10/10 I am three here and very interested in feet. I remember falling backwards on this high chair. Erin’s parents start dating.

10/11 Yes, we bought the ring at Costco

Ah the ring. We took people’s advice and didn’t buy it from Tiffany’s.

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  1. Awesome pictures.Precious moments and lots of fun. Thanks for sharing pictures and your time.????

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