The most melancholy time of the day 1993

I was dreaming of foolish things,
of simple youth and long lost love.
And days where life just stood still,
the memories held it all.

I can’t remember everything
but somethings just won’t go
the caress of smiles and the touch of lips
and teardrops in the snow.

I wished upon a falling star
and wishing I did see
that simply hoping for my friend to come,
was an emptiness inside of me.

And so I wait, wondering still,
“So what of days gone by,
the times ahead are what we seek
so stop and touch the sky.”

I believe in soul mates, I really do;
They play an important part of me.
I wait and hope and wish and pray,
And see what I can see.

She is there, I know she is;
at least that’s what they have said.
But wouldn’t it be a funny thing,
If she were already dead.