Best Pho in NoVA? Our thoughts as of June 2015


So it should be said that pho is probably Albert’s favorite meal, so much that once when he was sick, Erin didn’t really believe it until he couldn’t finish a bowl. Now, we have had thousands of bowls in hundreds of restaurants all over the world, though we have not been to southeast Asia yet. And, while Albert once tried to compile all the pho restaurants he has ever eaten in with reviews on noodle texture, soup complexity, and temperature, we are not trying that here. In fact, Albert will claim the best pho he has ever eaten is still in Little Saigon at Pho 79 on Hazard, but he hasn’t eaten there in a while. So instead of trying to talk about the best pho in the world, we will only talk about NoVA (Northern Virginia). That being said, Albert will even say that Pho 75 may rival Pho 79, so there is that.

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